Mursi Bible Translation

South, Ethiopia Mar 19, 2017

The Mursi people live in one of the least accessible areas of Ethiopia. Before five decades, they had no idea about the country of Ethiopia where they lived. While the

Mursi are isolated from the rest of the world, many of them carry guns like AK-47s to protect their property, especially cattle. Neighboring peoples like the Banna and the Bodi threaten them by raiding their prized cattle. The Mursi generally reciprocate such cattle raids. The Mursi are survivors whose isolated geographic location, combined with the crises of drought, famine, war, migration, and epidemic diseases has shaped their identity. Cattle raids and civil instability between bordering ethnic groups is merely a means of survival. Every aspect of daily life revolves around cattle and crops, which set the economic standard among the Mursi. When they trade in the market, crops and cattle are exchanged as money.

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