Prayer is the way we communicate with a loving God. It’s an opportunity to not only share our hearts with him, but more importantly to learn about what matters to God’s heart — making his name known among the nations. Prayer gives us the chance to join God on his global mission of bringing all people to himself.


We invite you to be a part of a global team and ask God to do the thing he has promised throughout history — declare his message of love and grace to people in the language that they understand best. And as you pray, you’ll not only be impacting lives around the world through Bible translation; you’ll be impacted, too.

Happy New Year friends!!
Wycliffe Ethiopia scripture use department wants to share with you the good news from the Basketto people (Southern Ethiopia 560 km away from Addis Ababa).

The Basketto people had their printed version of the New Testament two years ago. And now Wycliffe Ethiopia in collaboration with Faith Comes By Hearing organization have dedicated Basketto NT Audio Bible. In Basketto Laska town where 800 local church leaders came together to attended the ceremony. 200 Mega voices of Audio Bible were distributed for 59 local churches. The plan is to form listening groups in each local churches that will meet every week to listen the audio Bible for 30 minutes and discuss. So that, they will be able to complete listening the New Testament with a year. We give praise to the Lord of the harvest!!


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Happy New Year friends!!
Wycliffe Ethiopia scripture use department wants to share with you

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