Prayer is the way we communicate with a loving God. It’s an opportunity to not only share our hearts with him, but more importantly to learn about what matters to God’s heart — making his name known among the nations. Prayer gives us the chance to join God on his global mission of bringing all people to himself.


We invite you to be a part of a global team and ask God to do the thing he has promised throughout history — declare his message of love and grace to people in the language that they understand best. And as you pray, you’ll not only be impacting lives around the world through Bible translation; you’ll be impacted, too.

Pintar Achula (in the brown jacket) is from the Opo people group. He came to Wycliffe Ethiopia for the Bible translation workshop last August, and we asked him to tell us about his conversion testimony.

Pintar was born and grew up in the Nuer zone, Ittang Woreda, Wanke district. In 2006 he got married and had two children. Though he studied teaching, he couldnt get a job in his area, so in 2008 he left there, took military training, and worked as a military officer for about four years.

One day, he had a phone call from his family and he heard that his son had been found dead in the river, so he went back to his family for the burial. According to the tradition and religious beliefs of that area, he bought a goat, took it to the river, and immersed it in the water till it died. People there believe that if someone sacrifices a goat, he will never lose another child in the same way. However, after a few years his daughter died in the same way, and he was very sad. He went again to the river with his family and sacrificed a goat. From that day he began to question why these things happened to his family.

He thought that God was mad at him because he was addicted to alcohol, so he stopped getting drunk. He also was questioning what kind of god is the god who cannot save.

After all this confusion, he finally decided to go to the evangelical Church, so in May 2012 he started to go to the Anglican Church, and then he accepted Jesus as his saviour.

He used to work in a particular organization, but after some years he quit his job and began to work full time for the Church. He is now ordained as a Vice Reverend at his church. God gave him another three children after he lost his two children in that way.

He is now eager to preach the gospel to his people from the Opo Bible. He wants the Bible to be available in his own language so that the people will get a chance to read it and to be free from their demonic bondage. He is now one of the main Opo New Testament translators under Wycliffe Ethiopia.


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