There is no easy road when it comes to serving God and His kingdom, and translation work is no exception. But for those who endure hours reading the Bible in one language and transferring it into the heart language of another, the rewards are beyond verbal expression.

Wycliffe Ethiopia launched a Faith Comes By Hearing program (FCBH) at Fiche Prison (120 km away from Addis)

Pintar Achula (in the brown jacket) is from the Opo people group. He came to Wycliffe Ethiopia for the Bible translation workshop last August, and we asked him to tell us about his conversion testimony.

Wycliffe Ethiopia highly values the Bible Translation consultant service. Therefore any translation team who is partnering with Wycliffe Ethiopia must arrange for a consultant well ahead of time and needs to discuss with the consultant which services are needed. Back translations have to be prepared for the consultant in advance.

Why Wycliffe Ethiopia

 20million evangelical members and the rest of other Christian groups like the EOC and RCC should get ready for claiming the Mission of Bible translation.

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