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The History of Wycliffe Ethiopia


Who We Are


Wycliffe Ethiopia is a national Bible Translation Association facilitating Bible Translation and Scripture accessibility for language groups in Ethiopia, at the Horn of Africa and beyond. As part of Wycliffe Global Alliance we are internationally well connected with other organizations which share the same values and vision. 



How We Started


Already in the early 1970s the wish was articulated to form a Wycliffe organization in Ethiopia. Due to the political change this vision could not be realized at that time. Over decades the gap of a national Bible Translation organization could not be filled until the initial vision was revived. After some years of vison sharing and preparation Wycliffe Ethiopia Bible Translation got officially established and registered as the first national Bible Translation organization in 2013. That Wycliffe Ethiopia is a mission from the church for the church can be seen that all major evangelical churches of Ethiopia took part in founding Wycliffe Ethiopia and are represented in the governing board of Wycliffe Ethiopia.


Since its launch until now continually expanded its work in Bible translation and Scriptabout 17 translation projects and 4 scripture engagement projects. Moreover we provide consultant checking services for other organizations and facilitate workshops in Bible translation to equip people from other partners.




In 1999, at an international conference of Wycliffe leaders it was realized that at the speed Bible Translation was proceeding at that time, it would at least have taken another 150 years before a Bible translation project had been started in every language community that needed one. Facing the tragedy of how many people would pass away without having access to the Word of God in a language they understand well, the leaders felt that they should adopt a new goal and vision. Under the slogan “Vision 2025” the goal was formulated that by the year 2025 a translation project should be at least in progress in every language where there is a need.

Today, worldwide more than 1,600 languages are still waiting for a Bible translation to begin. Wycliffe Ethiopia is striving that those language groups which are still Bibleless in Ethiopia and around it at the Horn of Africa can have access to the word as soon as possible

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