Why Bible Translation



We believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us, therefore all people should get access to the whole Bible in a language they understand clearly and speaks to their hearts and minds. But people of more than 1,600 languages around the world are still waiting for a translation project to begin. For those who get at least portions of the Bible in their language, reading and listening to the word of God often changes their lives in amazing ways. People are transformed as they encounter Jesus Christ and get into a relationship with the heavenly Father.

Thus Wycliffe Ethiopia Bible Translators exists to see people transformed by the word of God and to help the people from all languages get access to the Bible. We won’t stop until all people have the complete Bible in a language they understand.


We can see that only people of a bit more than 630 languages have access to the complete Bible. The New Testament is available in around 1442 languages. In other ca. 1145 languages there are only smaller Bible portions accessible.


Of course, the biggest people groups, i.e. all in all about 5,135 million people, have access to the full Bible in a language they understand well. Another around 1,100 million people have so far be sufficient with the New Testament or even smaller parts of the Bible. Even more severe is the situation of people of the remaining 3223 languages of in total approx. 7000 languages. These 250 million people have no access to any Scriptures in a language which they understand clearly.


As the statistics show the need for Bible Translation is still immense. Something has to be done about it. Wycliffe Ethiopia wants to help to stop Bible poverty in facilitating Bible accessibility for all language groups at the horn of Africa and beyond.


For more statistical information check:

                                                                       Source: Wycliffe.net  http://resources.wycliffe.net/statistics/Tall%20Infographic_2016_EN.pdf


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